2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting

Presidential Symposium

The Presidential Symposium will have a new, innovative format this year. Give us your feedback on the newly formatted Presidential Symposium expanded learning sessions by letting us know which topics interest you the most! Watch the video below and share you thoughts on the exclusive ROhub community or fill out the topic interest form. To learn more read Dr. DeWeese's blog post.


Curing Metastatic Disease with Radiotherapy: Myth or Reality?

The 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting Presidential Symposium is unveiling a new opening session format that is both provocative and collaborative.

We invite you to join us for this exciting and interactive symposium that will challenge assumptions about radiation therapy and our role in the future of cancer care.


General Session
Expanded Learning Sessions
(The META)
Table Talks
The first part of the Symposium will take place in the general session room and will be comprised of three, level-setting talks and an Oxford style debate allowing for a fun and educational dialogue to help unveil and explore where controversies lie. Next, attendees will self-select one of 12 facilitated breakout sessions. Each of the 12 sessions will focus on one aspect of the overall Symposium topic engaging attendees in smaller groups with a facilitator. Following the expanded learning sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to continue their discussions in at table talks in the Exhibit Hall providing a more intimate and detailed learning environment.


Expanded Learning Sessions - META - Pick a Side!

Expanded Learning Session #1 Immunotherapy will only be curative if delivered with RT
Expanded Learning Session #2 Biologic/genetic markers are the only method to select patients for combined RT and immunotherapy
Expanded Learning Session #3 Imaging at the micrometer scale is possible and required for RT to cure metastatic disease
Expanded Learning Session #4 Treating the primary site is necessary in curing metastatic Disease
Expanded Learning Session #5 Radiopharmaceuticals will replace external beam RT for treament of metastasis in the next decade 
Expanded Learning Session #6 Artificial intelligence will drive who we treat for cure with metastatic disease and how we treat them 
Expanded Learning Session #7 Treatment of oligometastatic disease with RT will allow survival to soar in low income nations 
Expanded Learning Session #8 RT is redefining the cure of metastatic breast cancer 
Expanded Learning Session #9 RT is becoming the standard for curing oligometastatic Lung Cancer 
Expanded Learning Session #10 RT for metastatic GI cancer improves patient prognosis 
Expanded Learning Session #11 RT for oligometastatic prostate cancer will replace systemic therapy 
Expanded Learning Session #12 We have not maximized the radiotherapeutic potential for curing brain metastases 

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