2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting

Theranostics Workshop

New for 2019, ASTRO is presenting an afternoon workshop on Theranostics during the Annual Meeting.

Many new radiopharmaceutical therapies (RPTs) are now approved and many others are emerging for treatment of prostate cancer, neuroendocrine cancers and other cancers. Radiation oncologists are experts regarding the benefits and risks associated with various cancer therapeutic options and are perfectly positioned to help patients make the best choice for their particular situation, including the use of RPT’s. Radiation oncologists are certified to deliver these RPTs but many lack specific and updated training and therefore underutilize them. This one-half day training course is designed to teach clinical radiation oncologists everything they need to know to expand their practice into radiopharmaceutical therapy. It will provide a refresher on relevant physics, pharmacology, and radiobiology, as well as offer logistical and practical training in clinical use of radiopharmaceuticals. It will include specific breakout sessions on Ra-223, Lu-177 DOTATATE, Lu-177 PSMA agents, I-131 MIBG and Y-90 Microspheres. It will also cover important infrastructure, workflow and financial considerations. This special training course will enable radiation oncologists to provide the highest quality of patient-centered care in the use of RPTs.

Sponsorship and promotional opportunities are available, including advisory boards, Industry-Expert Theaters and more. Download the response form or contact the Corporate Relations team for more information. Program is available on the Annual Meeting website.