2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting

Cost Saving Tips

  • Read the information in the online Exhibitor Service Manual carefully, and be certain that forms are completed by someone familiar with your show needs and who will be on-site at the meeting.
  • Be sure to complete all ASTRO Show Management required forms via the online Exhibitor Service Manual. These online forms include: after-hours Exhibit Hall access, on-site contact information, giveaways, photography/videography, renderings for booths 400 square feet or greater, rigging renderings and exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC) requests.
  • Make sure that your on-site representative has copies of all orders, invoices and paperwork associated with exhibiting and your shipment.
  • Order by the deadlines shown on the forms to take advantage of generous discounts.
  • Provide diagrams whenever possible for hanging signs, structures and truss, electrical and internet placement, booth installations, etc.
  • Be sure to comply with Fire Marshal and ASTRO Show Management rules and regulations regarding booth design and the construction of your exhibit. On-site changes can be costly due to unapproved exhibits.
  • Consider the costs of rental displays, carpet and booth furnishing versus shipping and material handling charges for the same.
  • Meet your freight target times and instruct your drivers to check in at the marshaling yard (if applicable) before the deadline noted in the online Exhibitor Service Manual to avoid additional surcharges.
  • If you provide your own booth carpet, ensure that it is packed at the rear of the truck so that it can be offloaded and installed first. Also, consider shipping your carpet to the GES advance warehouse to allow for straight-time installation when possible.
  • Please make sure that all of your display items are packed securely in crates or boxes. Loose, pad-wrapped and non-palletized items are charged at higher rates.
  • Work closely with your freight carrier representative to ensure that items being shipped are classified and labeled accurately.
  • Ship hanging signs to the GES advance warehouse to allow for straight-time installation when possible.
  • All exhibitors are required to procure and maintain insurance against liability to persons or damage to property. Consider placing a rider on your existing company insurance policy to ensure that your exhibit or products are covered from the time that they leave your possession to the time they are returned. Or, you might want to purchase show insurance to ensure that you comply with ASTRO's exhibitor insurance requirements. ASTRO Show Management and official contractors are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged exhibits or products.
  • Submit exhibitor personnel badge requests in advance of the meeting to ensure that badges are ready for your staff upon arrival at the meeting.Submit the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor paperwork and appropriate insurance by August 13, 2019. Failure to do so may cause delays on-site if your appointed contractor has not been approved to have access to the ASTRO Exhibit Hall.
  • Take necessary security precautions, such as not leaving laptops in your booth overnight, etc.
  • If you have a dispute regarding ANY payments for services or for damages to property, please be sure to notify a member of ASTRO Show Management before the show concludes. ASTRO Show Management will be able to provide you with information on what steps you may want to consider taking next.
  • Be sure to look over all products when delivered to your exhibit and document ANY damage. Be sure to provide ASTRO Show Management with a copy of your report.
  • If you plan to dispute any charges provided by any "official service provider," please notify ASTRO Show Management immediately, as we may be able to lend assistance.