2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting

Priority Points

All 2019 ASTRO exhibitors will be invited to participate in the 2020 Annual Meeting booth selection process on-site during the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting. ASTRO uses a priority point process to determine when each 2019 Annual Meeting exhibitor will select their 2020 booth space. Priority points are used as a guideline for booth placement based on the space an exhibitor has requested but do not guarantee a specific booth location.

Your 2020 booth placement is based on the following priority points criteria.

Annual Meeting Priority Points
Annual Meeting priority points are based on your 2019 exhibit and housing activity.
Each Year Exhibited at the Annual Meeting 8 points per year
Booth Size 2 points per every 100 square feet of purchased space
Expo Suite Size 2 points per every 100 square feet of purchased space
ASTRO Housing Center Usage* 50 points
Housing Block Created On-site 15 points

* A minimum of one room per every 400 square feet of exhibit space must be secured via the exhibitor housing room block to receive points.

Additional Earning Opportunities
Your company also earned priority point earnings by taking advantage of additional opportunities through Ambassadorship, Corporate Membership, promotional marketing and advertising. Points accrued between August 1, 2018, and July 31, 2019, for the opportunities listed below will count towards your 2020 booth space selection.
ASTRO Ambassadorship 600 points
Corporate Membership 100 points
Promotional Marketing or Advertising 4 points for each $1,000 spent
ASTROnews, ASTROgram, Daily News, ASTRO Academy, ROhub, RO MarketPlace or astro.org Advertising 2 points for each $1,000 spent
Red Journal, PRO or Advances in Radiation Oncology 1 point for each $1,000 spent

Companies who do not exhibit at ASTRO 2019 or 2019 Annual Meeting exhibitors who do not participate in the 2020 on-site booth space selection process will have the opportunity to select booth space for ASTRO 2020 after the 2019 Annual Meeting on a first-come, first-served basis.

Need a priority point boost?

While Ambassadors will continue to enjoy the benefits of pre-selecting their booth prior to all other exhibitors, ASTRO also provides the opportunity for non-Ambassador companies to have the option to turn their priority points into earlier booth placement. Simply purchase the points you need to top off your balance. Points can be bought in increments of 100 points for $5,000 with a cap of 500 points for $25,000.